Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer 2008 - Update

Hey everyone,

Sorry I've been gone! My work decided that blogspot was taking up too much time and banned it. But the people revolted! So now it's back, and I can start sneaking in some posts on my lunch break. Since MAY has been the last time I posted, I figured I better catch everyone up on whats happening this summer.

Campaign: Ryan won! By a very healthy margin of 22%. I'm excited my first campaign managing turned out so surprisingly well. Go Wilcox team!

School: I just completed my semi-brutal course on the Practice of Public Management. I actually learned quite a bit about how organizational structures and cultures effect operations. However, I was pretty disappointed that the class had such a Private company, rather than Public or Non-profit, approach.

Dating: Nada! My dating life sucks. I'm not even sure the last time I actually went on a date... Yikes! Maybe I'll just be like my big brother, Cubby.

Living Quarters: As you all may have guessed by now, I'm a little compulsive. So over the past year, I think I've moved 3 or 4 times. And I'm about to move again. I've got a hold on an apartment at The Village on Main Street in Bountiful. We'll see if it works out, but I cant afford the gas driving from West Haven to SLC every day, so, hopefully something presents itself!

So that's all for now. When I can get to some photos, I'll edit this post and add them in. Sorry, just boring text-information for now. Hope everyone is doing great!

Oh and come to my BBQ on August 9th yall! Call or text me for more info. DO IT!



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Checking in... at 23!

Hey everyone,

So I had my birthday this week. I rock! Actually, if ya dont know, my nephew totally stole my birthday from me last year. I'm 22 years older than him to the day. We rock.

I've been super lame lately and havent posted in over three weeks. Ya, I suck. I'm going to get some pictures up from Vegas, Lake Powell, and my birthday celebration real soon. I promise...

P.S. - Summer School SUCKS! My class is hard. (whhhhine)

P.P.S. - 4 weeks until the Republican Primary on June 24th. Maybe I'll be able to pretend to have a social life in a month or so, huh? Let's hope. Go Ryan!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Results Are In...

- Grades
Term: Spring 2008

Graduate Semester FCS 5964 061 3.0 A
Graduate Semester PADMN 6323 001 3.0 A-
Graduate Semester PUBPL 6900 001 3.0 A-

- Summary
Term: Spring 2008

Graduate Semester GPA: 3.800

So I didnt fail my class. Woohoo! In fact, I even got an A-. Freaking Awesome. Gotta love lifes pleasant surprises!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yea, I'm still here. What of it?

Sorry I havent been posting everyone, things got a little crazy there...! But I'm back, at least, I'm 'more' back than I was previously. Does that make any sense? I'll totally start posting much more regularly. But I'm lame, and I dont have much to speak about!

So heres the current rundown on my life:

School- The semester is finished. It was hell. I've gotten two grades back, an A and an A-, and the jury is still out on the third. It's the class I may have gotten below a B in, which means I would need to retake the course. SO PLEASE LET US HOPE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!! Summer semester begins in two weeks, and yea, I'm taing classes. Cause I'm lame like that, and I pretty much hate myself. I'll be taking Practices and Policies of Public Management as well as Local Government Law. Exciting much, yes?

Work- Still working at SLCo. I dont know how much longer I'll be there... perhaps a while. We'll see! I'm being kept surprisingly busy and I love what I do and the people I work with, so things are great.

Love Life - Pretty much doesnt exist. Women suck.

Campaign - We're going strong! Our Campaign Headquarters are in the Exit Realty building on Washington. My candidate is super energetic, and I'm pretty sure were going to win in this Primary. But we need help... So if your really interested, come spend an afternoon with us or just throw a 5$ bill our way!

Allergies - I hate them, and I either want them to die or I want someone to put me out of my mysery. Benji, are you ready to be the P instead of the V.P.? We could arrange an assassination plot.

Thats pretty much it yo. Whats with the picture? Well, I'm taking the weekend off from life to go to Vegas this Friday-Monday. I'm seriously going to relax by the pool the whole time. That is, after I take in a few hundred from the blackjack table (yea, right). Hope everyone is enjoying the weather transitioning into summer, with the exclusion of the rain/snow that is supposed to happen today.

Love you all. Keep it real!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

This semester sucks...

Seriously. How can I describe it to you? Remember that time in my life I got vertigo and puked everywhere for days? Yea, it's worse than that.

I just wanted to complain to everyone.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to do when the semester is over (in 3 weeks!) and I get a brief 2 week intermission before Summer Semester begins?


Monday, April 7, 2008

Booya Grandma this, Lindsay!

So my delightful sister posted on her blog about how amazing she was at typing. Then however, she made the mistake of challenging me. I, unbeknownst to her, am part of the Millenium Typing club at Rocky Mountain Jr. High. So I pretty much rocked her world.

105 words


Oh man, attempt #3:

114 words

Speed test

Yea, I'll have my cake and eat it too.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Back! and Look what I Got...

Hey everybody!

The 2008 Legislative Session has adjourned Sine Die. Congratulations to the Legislators, Lobbyists, and everyone involved! Another memorable session, to be sure. Now I have to re-focus on school. It would be pretty bad if I didnt pass my classes... yikes!

On another note, check this out:

My man Dave giving me the keys to my new toy!

Here I am in my baby!

Driving away. Isn't she pretty?

So heres the real question: What should I name her?